ByOgochukwu is a startup that expresses cultural pride through fashion, bridges the gap of underrepresented minorities in the fashion industry, and provides affordable yet quality products for each customer. With a modern twist to "traditional African apparel,"​ no two items are alike. ByOgochukwu believes in customized unique trends that cannot be found elsewhere.

Ogochukwu Obiagwu is the CEO of ByOgochukwu. Growing up Ogochukwu faced challenges merging her bicultural background between Nigeria and America. At home she proudly spoke her native language, Igbo and was proud of where she came from. However, at school she was teased for having a “complicated name,” and for being African. In efforts to feel accepted among her peers Ogochukwu shied away from embracing her Nigerian ethnicity for the majority of her childhood.

After her family trip to Nigeria in 2008, she learned the significance of her Nigerian cultural background and began accepting her identity. Upon returning from the trip she vowed to continue embracing her newfound cultural pride and was determined to encourage others to embrace cultural diversity. With Obiagwu’s passion for diversity and interest in business, she grew fervent about entrepreneurship. Thus, she created the brand ByOgochukwu: “Expressing cultural pride through fashion.”

At the early age of 12, Obiagwu launched “ByOgochukwu” off of social media platforms and in 2014, grew the brand to Five years later, 17 year old CEO of ByOgochukwu was awarded the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year, from an Ohio State University organization known as the Council of Black Students in Administration. In addition to its cultural influence, ByOgochukwu serves as a platform that helps aspiring individuals gain experience early on in their respective interests or major. By helping others to jump start their own passions and careers, ByOgochukwu embodies "lifting as we climb," as it has built a growing team of brand ambassadors and is seeking interns.

Since 2012, Obiagwu has come far from spreading ByOgochukwu and its diversity initiatives within her community. Subsequently, the ByOgochukwu team has seized the opportunity to participate in numerous fashion shows where it continues to share ByOgochukwu’s purpose across the United States and beyond.

We are pleased to share with you a recap of ByOgochukwu at its very FIRST fashion show. Please watch here: ByOgochukwu's First Fashion Show!!

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